Verification Types

On, we have two levels of verification:

  1. Artist verification
  2. Collection verification

Account verification validates that each person is who they say they are, and we can confirm they are a real person and not a scam/spam account. 

Collection verification are reserved for high-profile artists or organizations. Upon certain thresholds being reached (outlined below), then a collection will be verified. 

Account Verification

In order to get your account verified,  you need to make sure your account profile has the following: 

  • Cover Image 
  • Profile picture 
  • Bio (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified) 
  • Link to your Twitter Account (if available) 
  • At least one item minted on

To get your account verified, please fill out this form.

Collection Verification

Collection Verification is reserved for collections created by high-profile public figures or organizations.

If you are not a high-profile public figure or organization, then the following requirements are needed:

  • Trading volume of 100,000 CKB/week
  • Standalone community with > 100 members (e.g. dedicated Discord)
  • Social following > 10k followers (e.g. Instagram or Twitter)
  • Even if a project meets the threshold, reserves the right to decline verification as well as remove verification if the collection is not in line with our community guidelines.

To request your Collection to be verified, fill out this form if you believe you qualify on the above requirements. will then reach out to the project team requesting additional information to confirm the authenticity of the collection and the individuals involved. (e.g. designs of the NFTs, contact information, etc.).

Reaching one of the above thresholds does not guarantee collection verification.